2023 SUR-RON Light Bee X 60V 40Ah

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2023 SUR-RON Light Bee X 60V 40Ah, Unleash the electrifying power of the Surron Light Bee X Electric Dirt Bike – now even more sensational for 2023 with epic enhancements in battery capacity, suspension, and braking! Ampd Brothers is also the Official Australian Partner and Distributor of the renowned Sur-Ron electric motorcycle brand, so get ready to ride the lightning with our latest 2023 models, now in stock!

Since its awe-inspiring debut in 2016, the Sur-Ron Light Bee Dirt Bike has earned a fierce reputation, taking on conventional petrol bikes with unmatched ferocity. This global phenomenon is a force to be reckoned with, dominating the trails and thrilling riders with its 6KW Output Mid Motor, unleashing a whirlwind of power! Blaze through any terrain, conquering sand, hills, dirt, grass, and beyond, with ease and finesse.

The Light Bee X is your ultimate off-road companion, boasting Upgraded 4 Piston Brakes for supreme stopping power, a Removable and Swappable Premium 40AH Battery for endless fun, and a lightweight yet robust Aluminum construction that defies rust. Charge up in a flash with our included 10A Fast Charger, giving you the freedom to ride longer and harder, as you explore the wilderness with exhilarating speed.

Important note, this adrenaline-packed beast is strictly for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY – it’s not your average street-legal bicycle. But fear not, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, trailblazer, farmer, or weekend warrior, the Surron Light Bee is the ideal ride for adventurers of almost all ages!

2023 Light Bee Key Features:

– NEW 40AH Lithium Battery for relentless energy
– 20% Range Increase, cruising up to 75km @ 40km/h
– Massive 6KW Power Output for unmatched thrills
– Top Speed reaching an exhilarating 75km/h, unleashing the beast within!

Grab the reins of this electrifying marvel and ignite your passion for adventure with the Surron Light Bee X Electric Dirt Bike – the ultimate off-road experience awaits!

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